Work Permits Needed To Work In Sabah

Even if you are proudly a Malaysian, you will still have to apply for work permit to work in Sabah if you are not a Sabahan (i.e. Sarawakian, Peninsula Malaysian).

That’s a fact and I am pretty aware of it. My parents are Sarawakians working in Sabah and they do renew their work permit every year faithfully as the law in Sabah requires them to do so.

This “work permit for non-sabahans Malaysians working in Sabah” issue became a hot topic recently when it was recently raised by the deputy president of Liberal Democratic Party (not to be confused with Japan’s), Chin Su Phin. Chin was quoted suggesting that such work permits (for non-Sabahan Malaysian) be abolished. However, this move was criticized by Parti Bersatu Sabah president Joseph Pairin Kitingan. Quote:

“It is very important for us to be protective of our rights and interests, especially to give the assurance and confidence to local people who will seek justice and a fair share of work and other opportunities,”

I noticed that the natives of Sabah are pretty vocal about their so-called rights and had resorted to where they would reject any outsiders from being included as their own. Recently I was criticised by a commentator who left a comment at one of my posts saying that “Hi Kiddo. You are a Sarawakian, no wonder. Sabah is for Sabahan.”

In Singapore, the government are actually encouraging people to immigrate to their country, especially people who are able to contribute effective to their country. They are even offering loans or bursaries to oversea students like Malaysians and Indonesians who are thinking of studying in Universities in Singapore where after graduating from the university, these students will have to work in Singapore for a period (to repay the loan), the government here are hoping that they would stay after the period and eventually apply for citizenship. It benefits the country as a whole.

Compare what was done in Singapore and in Sabah. Now compare which is a more developed state?

As for myself I have both a 12 and a K on my IC. It is almost about time I choose whether I want to become a Sabahan, or remain a Sarawakian like my parent. My parents say I should remain Sarawakian but I wish to be registered as a Sabahan – I mean that I was born here in Sabah, I have had all my primary and secondary education here in Sabah, and all the people I’ve got to know are all here in Sabah. I have no pride being a Sarawakian at all as I was not raised there and have nothing to be proud of  (Sibu gets flooded every time, too).

However after this fiasco, I might as well rethink what I should do. Sabahans may not be as friendly as I have thought after all with people like Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

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22 responses to “Work Permits Needed To Work In Sabah

  1. What a joke, all the Sarawakians are monopolizing most of the major businesses in Sabah, what say you?

    When Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan was the CM of Sabah, he did cancelled the need for work permits for Sarawakians to work in Sabah, but Sarawak CM Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud did not reciprocate his kindness, you see the difference?

    We open our borders for you guys, and you Sarawakians bring your gangsters etc to Sabah, and bullying locals..

  2. @Sabahan: I’ll have you note this: Not all Sarawakians are gangsters. Not all Sarawakians are bullies. There may be some, but to collectively refer to all Sarawakians as bullies is downright unfair, just like I’ve always told myself that not all Sabahans have your selfish mentality.

    I may be living under a shell, but do enlighten me with who are these Sarawakians that are monopolizing major businesses in Sabah. I believe these people by starting businesses here in Sabah they are creating more jobs for locals in Sabah, which to me is a win-win case.

    Besides that, what are the “major” businesses that you’re talking about? Oil palm plantations? Second-hand cars?

    And of course Taib wouldn’t care to allow or disallow – he just follows the status quo to prevent any revolt. To me he’s an ass who only cares about enriching his coffers.

  3. hi even for i was asked to appy work permit when dj in kuching.

    sabahan living in KL

  4. I guess it’s the same for both sides. =\



  6. Malaysians from any other states other than from Sabah need work permits, yes.

  7. menyusahkan… my husband is from pahang and even he needs to apply for work permit in sabah. FYI, sarawak has got the SAME rule. so don’t only critized sabah. the point is, sabah and sarawak not malaysia meh? so wat’s the point of 1malaysia again? :)

  8. jonathan applying permit in sabah!

    Fark the 1 malaysia terms, is useless, all i know is that we are tax payer, we pay them not to give problems to people, what reserve their rights this and that, fark it, in the end, we still pay them tax to rule, they shouldn’t let working class to suffer on the work permit STUFF, if somebody not able to get the job, it will cause ppl no job, and in the end employment stop, nobody is going to pay tax to them! useless foes!

  9. Ever heard of Malaysia Boleh, Sabah Boleh? Sounds stupid and reatrd coming from some who lived in Sabah. Not all Sabahans are like those ignorant f**ks with the likes of one commenter called ‘Sabahan’. Bunch of losers. Sarawakians and West Malaysians brought in cash to them. Saying Sarawakian are gangsters means how retarded these people are. They live in their comfort zone and are not exposed to the outside world. I am from KL. Well, get real you Sabahans. I bet most of the Sabahans who commented are youngsters. Back in the 80’s, KK was a cowboy town. Without much help from Malaysians from other States, you people would be driving your favorite Isuzu Trooper and Toyota Station Wagon and getting robbed by Suluk Filipinos. Ingrates! Wake up and step up to the challenge.

    Those who owns factories in Sabah with legal work Permits, This is stupid. There is nothing they can do to us. We employ their lazy ass to work. Unfortunately, none would want to work. Hence employing hard working timorese and Christian filipinos are better. Most locals would work for a week or so and disappear.

    To those owners from other States, here’s a tip when faced with Sabah immigration officers at the airport.
    This happened to me a few years ago. My Passport was slammed on the table because I overstayed for a week. The officer told me He could stop me from boarding my flight back to KL. I replied, “No problem I just go back to my house in KK and sleep. What you going to do? Lock up a Malaysian overstaying in Malaysia?” He was furious and said he would make it a case to terminate my workpass. I was so happy he said that. I replied,” By all means, do it. I own the company and factory and I employ 60 over locals minus 100 more foreigners to work. I will see to it that your ignorant remarks will end up at Mus’s table at Putrajaya Immigration Dept.”

    It was priceless. Gotta love their moronic attitude.

  10. I generally agree with “Sabahan”. Though not all Sarawakians here are gangsters and bullies, I’d say, in my opinion, it is not uncommon for Sarawakians esp. those from Sibu to be gangsters, bullies and generally are not nice people to associate with.
    From my experience, Sarawakians here in Sabah do not give Sabahans a good impression of themselves.

    Pairin is a Sabah patriot for revoking the work permit requirements for Sarawakians because they didn’t reciprocate on their side. Sabah has been too generous to our neighbours. Did you know that non Sarawakian Malaysian passport holder doctors are not allowed to practise in Sarawak? Whereas in Sabah, we accept anyone including foreign doctos.

    • I love Sabahans as they are very friendly and warm. But I can’t say the same for Sarawakians, they seems to be… Suspicious…?

      • My family are in fact from Sibu. We are aware of how bad our community’s reputation is. But all I can say is that not everyone is that bad. Feel free to be suspicious and cautious.

  11. Sabah and Sarawak known for its diverse culture and strong state-heart people, thus resulting high work permit requirements. Immigration keep on changing it’s requirement from ads of vacancies to Borang A, KWSP must attached together for submission.But, to blame Sarawakian ? and to say Sarawakian is bullies or whatsover, that is not true.No, it is not. Taboo. Sarawak never far , less or more than Sabah, work permit for both neighboring state shall be revised. But work permit for West Malaysia, yes, it should keep tight as heaven. Why ? Culture. Well, I am so sorry to say, but West Malaysia, some , very hard to assimilate with local Sabahan/Sarawakian, mentality of “living in jugle” still exist. True. I came across this convo :

    ” Hi, Nama Saya x,y z dan saya berasal dari Malaysia, dan saya ingin berkerja di Sabah ,syarikat awak ?

    ” Dari mana ya ni “?

    ” Saya dari Malaysia Encik ”

    From that day, she never heard from me anymore. Dd they learn geography ? Or she failed ? Whatever. The point is, two states shall be and should be, revised its w/permit or visas. I love Sabah because people is so nice and I love sarawak because people so friendly and adventurous. Seeing people blogging, commenting, blaming, facebooking, grouping, twittering and not to forget , bragging about this whole things, make me and us, wonder , is Mayan right about 21.12.2012 ? peace.

  12. The Sibu foochows in Sabah are generally money minded people and will do anything legal or illiegal to make money esp. when they are away from their hometown. And they’re not ashamed of it. But of course there are exceptions but I’m saying the general trend. Even in Sarawak itself, the non foochows and non Sibu folks generally do not like Sibu people.

  13. To generalize that all Sibu people are ruthless and gangster is indeed downright unfair. Yes, there are lots of gangster. But remember, there are good people too. If that is your justification you use to choose a State that you want to “belongs to” the most, then re-think again. There are few other justification that you have to look into, for instance, the job prospects, State development that supporting your aspiration to grow and etc. No one say you have to belong to a STATE. Life itself is not permanent, neither do where you stay or live in. By saying that there is nothing to be proud of being a Sarawakian – think about the smart business minded foo chow, think about the fighting spirit of the warrior against The Brookes, think about the abundant natural resources some state dying to have, think about the harmony and unity between races and alike. I am born in Sibu, and now live in KL and married to an Expat. I am proud being a Sarawakian. Sarawak does have its own charm. Think again my friend. Still, the decision is yours to make.

  14. Hi, i am from east Malaysia while my friend is from Sarawak. Do both of us need a work permit if we want to work in Sabah ?

  15. Sorry for the typo error in the comment i posted earlier.
    My question is suppose to be this
    Hi, i am from west Malaysia while my friend is from Sarawak. Do both of us need a work permit to work in Sabah ?
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi, great post! Honestly, I love the fact that Sabah is so upright and protective of their country, putting locals as priorities. I have always believed that it’s what every country should do. I mean, if you can’t protect your own people from being invaded, it goes to show that the country will be easily influence from everywhere.

    Atleast in this way, foreigners of Malaysian of non-Sabahan will respect and appreciate Sabah even more. This is how a country should rule. I applaud this move. I mean, if you are working in other country, it is always good to be reminded that you are afterall seeking opportunity out of your city.

    I’ve done a 1 month solo trip to Sabah and just came back 2 days ago and I shall say, I truly truly love Sabah! Next up, Sarawak. =)

  17. hi my name is raymond martin im from peninsular malaysia, im married to a sabahan dusun. now currently we are living in selangor and would love to live and work in sabah, the problem was when i was in sabah many years back i did try to get a job there down at kk, i walked drove the whole day went for many walk in interviews, many just told cannot work here as need to abtain a work permit, and work permit is only opened or given for managerial position and above, i got very very tried the whole day and finaly drove back to ranau in law place told my wife i cannot u and our new born here as i cant obtain a job, i have to ship back my car back to port klang. why is this happening, we are all malaysian right, im no gov/or politicans, just want to live with my family happliy, is that a lot. i still want to go back there, now who is going to employ me, i heard gov servant dont need to have work permit, hey we all are malaysian, sabah/sarawak/peninsular we are 1, we even share the same currency, same almost everything. any boses here who have the guts to employ me reading this pls sms me 0169024055, i will even go right up to see the minister if this time i have trouble moving there, pakistani living having a good life in sabah, why cant i enjoy that being a malaysian

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