This marks the end of a political era.


Tok Guru Nik Aziz just passed away peacefully a few days ago at his house. It marks the end of a political era in Malaysia and Pakatan will never be the same without TGNA.

May his soul rest in peace.

My interview with Free Speech Malaysia by Jake Carter

The above video is me being interviewed by Jake Carter who runs a website called Free Speech Malaysia. The topic of the interview is regarding the Sedition Act 1948 of Malaysia. Basically I was given five questions relating to the Sedition Act to answer and I did some basic homework before the interview. My views on the Sedition Act is that it’s aim, which is to limit the freedom of speech in order to protect national security, is noble, but the scope, unfortunately, is too widely defined and is prone to abuse by the government of the day by selective prosecution on their political opposition, and as such it has to go.

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Have mercy on the soul of the Luyang ADUN

Here’s our Luyang ADUN Hiew King Cheu… in full MCA unform.

I wish him good luck and all the best in MCA. Not sure what MCA has that DAP doesn’t that he has to jump ship onto a sinking ship.

Source of photo: Wee Ka Siong’s twitter.

It is in the blood

Still remember how all of us here learned in Sejarah Form 5 that Perikatan won handsomely only lost a single seat during the 1951 General Elections? The seat was the Krian seat and was won by PAS. The Perikatan candidate who lost goes by the name of Haji Sulaiman Ahmad, or better known as Sulaiman Palestin.

Sulaiman Palestin got his nickname because he was very outspoken on the Palestinian issue, and was also very unfortunately, a Malay ultra/extremist.

Sulaiman Palestin challenged Tun Hussein Onn for the presidency of UMNO in 1978 and subsequently lost by a huge margin. His attempt in contesting the UMNO presidency (equivalent to position of Prime Minister in Malaysia) was one of the only two challenges on the post, the other challenger being Tengku Razaleigh.

Today, his daughter, Raihan Sulaiman, is also making a similarly brave move by contesting against Sharizat Jalil for the position of Ketua Wanita UMNO in the upcoming UMNO election. Now, if I were to tell you that Raihan was formerly Ketua Wanita of Perkasa (the Malay extremist group), will you be surprised?

It is in the blood, apparently. :3

Future Secretary General of the DAP? I Don’t Think So.

(Image directly linked from Liew Chin Tong’s website)

They all praise Liew Chin Tong (also MP of Kluang, Johor) as possibly the next Secretary General of DAP (or even the next Lim Guan Eng!) just because he came up on top in the recent DAP re-election.

However, they are not aware that he came up on top because he got votes from differing factions, most obviously the Lim Kit Siang faction and Boo Cheng Hau’s faction. This was also how Jenice Lee, Charles Santiago and Hannah Yeoh got the highest votes in Selangor DAP election 2011 – because they are from neither Teng Chang Khim nor Teresa Kok’s factions.

They are not aware that these people, because of them getting votes from differing factions, are burdened with all their expectations, and if these top winners are unable to achieve the expectations of these factions, these top winners don’t last long and would end up being totally booted out in the coming elections. This can be seen in the state DAP elections: Jenice Lee got the highest votes at the DAP state elections at some point of time but she’s now a persona non grata in DAP Selangor, same goes for M Kula in DAP Perak, and even Lim Guan Eng in DAP Melaka.

See my previous post for more on how unaligned people obtaining the highest votes in the DAP elections is unlikely to stay for long.

My conclusion? It is unlikely Liew Chin Tong will survive long enough (at least as long as Lim Guan Eng) to become Secretary General of the DAP.

My Exam Breakfast

It’s exam period for me now. I thought that it is necessary to obtain proper nutrition to keep myself energised during the exams and not fall asleep. However, I can’t rely on normal meals as preparation would take up a lot of time which could be better used in revising or reviewing exam notes.

As a result I came up with the following meal for my breakfast. It’s basically a sandwich, but not any normal sandwich. It is jam-packed with instant nutrients and yet is not too much. For an exam you don’t want to end up sleepy as being bloated does not help so we’re avoiding that.

To prepare the sandwich just go get the following ingredients from any hypermarket near you.

The ingredients as as follows:
1. two (2) slices of Gardenia 100% Wholegrain bread added with Canadian Purple Wheat
2. one (1) Nutriplus Omega-3 egg
3. three (3) pieces of Tao Kae Noi crispy seaweed
4. one (1) slice of Ayamas chicken meatloaf
5. some tomato sauce

You get the idea how to prepare a sandwich with all the above ingredient. It takes less than 10 minutes to cook the egg and meatloaf. You get a nice breakfast which will give you the energy and nutrients you need for an exam early in the morning.

Try to avoid hot drinks as it will make you fall asleep easily. Try Red Bull gold can or Livita Honey instead. I’d strongly recommend those instead of coffee to keep you awake.

10 Most Powerful Women in Malaysia?

theStar recently released a list entitled “10 Most Powerful Women in Malaysia”.

Unsurprisingly Rosmah Mansor is in 1st place. However surprisingly, theStar’s journalist Jocelyn Tan is not anywhere in the list. She could have easily put herself onto the list.

Anyway I thought that the above list was not very credible in that I have many objections. Like for example, I have never heard of the lady at 8th place and therefore thought that she shouldn’t be in the list for that simple reason. And besides that, Rosmah Mansor at 1st place is just… plain wrong. Just because she controls the no.1 man in Malaysia doesn’t mean that makes her the most powerful women in Malaysia, eh?

That is why I thought that I have to come up with my own list of Malaysia’s 10 Most Powerful Women. They are as follows:

1. Zeti Akthar Aziz – Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia. You see her signature on every Ringgit note from RM1 to RM100.

2. Rafidah Aziz – Former Minister of Trade, now Chairwoman of AirAsia X

3. Teresa Kok – Member of Parliament with the largest majority in the Malaysian electoral history since 1957 at 51,552 votes. Former senior EXCO of the Selangor state government.

4. Mazlan Othman – Head of United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, former Director of ANGKASA.

5. Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali – one of the first Malay woman doctors in then Malaya, wife of the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

6. Lau Bee Lan – the lady judge who ruled in 2009 in the High Court that the prohibition on the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslim is unconstitutional. Too bad her decision till today is on hold pending an appeal at the Court of Appeal.

7. Rafiah Salim – the first female Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaya, former Dean of the Faculty of Law at UM.

8. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail – the first female Opposition leader of Malaysia

9. Ambiga Sreenevasan – former chairperson of the Bar Council of Malaysia, leader of BERSIH

10. Hannah Yeoh – First female Speaker of a State Legislative Assembly, DUN Selangor. Youngest person ever to become Speaker.